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A lot of architecturally complex and large buildings as well as other civil engineering structures (bridges, scaffold bridges, and stadiums) are built around the world, creating an increasing need to continuously monitor the condition of these structures and to timely anticipate the likely deformations thereof as well as the associated consequences during the construction as well as throughout the lifespan of these buildings and engineering structures.


Currently, on a global basis, retroactive methods for surveying buildings and engineering structures are commonly used, i.e., when the deformation becomes visible. We are lacking the methods that would allow getting information about the likely deformations of the buildings and eliminating them proactively, through a continuous monitoring of the condition of these structures.


Our system consists of a number of connected sensor nodes that are attached to auxiliary structures. The attached sensors allow to detect deformations and follow the changes of these deformations in real time. Each of the sensors measures the angle of the sensor to the gravitational vector of the ground (level principle), thus allowing to determine the orientation of the sensor in the room. 



Deflexio is EDI (Institute of Electronics and Computer Science) deep-tech commercialization project (“3D shape-sensing fabric". Project No.: KC-PI-2017/25) co-financed by LIAA (Investment And Development Agency).

Technology is developed by EDI and historically was intended for shape sensitive fabric and after analysis of applications, construction industry has been identified as most promising space for technology commercialization.

Current set-up allows us to attract top talent from EDI and sufficient capital for commercialization purposes. At the moment we are actively looking to team up with industry partners to run test pilots and carry out technology validation, with no financial commitments on their part, which puts us in sweet spot for investors, meaning that we offer investors to be involved in commercialization development early stage without any investments.





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